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Roseate Hotels & Resorts welcomes new Resident Life Coach

Roseate Hotels & Resorts welcomes new Resident Life Coach

Luxury Hotel Brand Partners with limit-pushing coach to create multi-faceted guest programming Roseate Hotels & Resorts today announced its collaboration with Jasmin Waldmann, international life coach and author as the brand’s resident life coach. Jasmin has been living in India for the past 6 years and has coached many top managers. The collaboration will allow guests access to sessions that will coach them in a holistic approach towards fitness and wellbeing and creating healthy and fulfilling lives.

The partnership is another step towards curating personalized guest’s experiences by the award-winning uber luxury brand. The experience will be made available to guests of The Roseate New Delhi, Roseate House New Delhi, members of Aheli Spa as well as non-guests.

Roseate Hotels and Resorts along with Jasmin Waldmann will design a series of guest experiences starting May 2018. Priced at INR 12,000 excluding taxes per session, the immersive sessions will include transformation of mind and body through techniques such as mental coaching, non-linguistic programming and guided fitness videos. As an inaugural offer, guests can also opt for a 10-session package for INR 1,08,000 exclusive of taxes.

Bavaria-born Jasmin Waldmann is an inspirational speaker, who leads seminars as a caring guide and is a limit-pushing coach. Founder of ‘Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching company’, Jasmin came to India 6 years ago. She facilitates transformation of mind and body, shows how to improve relationships and lead a happy, healthy life. All set to lead life coach sessions at The Roseate and Roseate House, Jasmin has conducted cross cultural programs across India and overseas, and spoken at forums like WEF, HI-AIM, IDE-global, Hotelier Summits and INBA to name a few. She also leads corporate trainings and writes articles for leading publications. Her recently authored a book titled ‘Change Me’ that takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and eventual transformation.