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Russia begins MC-21 jet production ahead of schedule

Russia begins MC-21 jet production ahead of schedule
In August, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that serial production of MC-21 passenger jets would hopefully start in 2021.

A spokesman for Russia’s Rostec corporation announced that serial commercial production of new MC-21 passenger jets will begin in 2020.

“The assembly of serial aircraft will start in 2020. In 2021, first deliveries of MC-21 to customers are planned,” the official of the state corporation said.

In November, an adviser to director general of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said that UAC plans to manufacture six MC-21 passenger planes in 2021 and twice as many in 2022, bringing the output to 72 aircraft by 2025.

“It is planned to manufacture six MC-21 planes in 2021, twelve in 2022, and 25 in 2023. It is planned to bring the MC-21 output to 72 a year by 2025,” he said.

UAC CEO said in mid-November that the corporation planned to increase production of MC-21 medium-haul single-aisle passenger planes to 120 a year. So far, the corporation is capable of manufacturing 70 such aircraft a year.