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Russian tourists love Jordan: 400 visitors landed in Aqaba today

Russian tourists love Jordan: 400 visitors landed in Aqaba today

A Pegas Touristic charter flight from Russia carrying 400 tourists landed in Aqaba, Jordan today.

Aqaba is a seaside resort in Southern Jordan and after Amman a second international gateway into the country. Sandwiched in between trouble-spots in the world, Jordan Tourism is working hard to make the tourism world understand the country is safe, beautiful and ready to receive tourists. A recently concluded UNWTO conference in Petra, Jordan brought attention to the situation in Jordan.

The latest charter flight is  supported by the Jordan Tourism Board and operates in cooperation with TravCo Jordan.

It’s  an example of the tangible achievements brought on by the Jordan Tourism Board’s efforts to attract international scheduled charters and low cost carriers to Aqaba.

This step will encourage more routes to be established to the city of Aqaba which will then act as a launching pad for more international tourist sites in the Kingdom.

Dr. Abed Al-Razzaq Arabiyat, managing director of the Jordan Tourism Board, said: “The success we’re witnessing is a direct result of cooperative and mutual efforts from the Ministry of Tourism, Aqaba Authority and related tour operators in order to promote tourism in the Kingdom. Arabiyat added: “The number of Russian tourists has noticeably increased due to JTB’s marketing campaigns in Russia and has reached over 40 thousand tourists so far this year.”

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Paolo Nocerino, general manager of TravCo Jordan, a company specialized in organizing tours for Russian tourists to the Kingdom, said: “We’re putting in real and palpable effort to support the revitalization of the tourism sector in Jordan through enhanced programs and through working closely with others in the travel industry in Jordan and around the world.” Nocerino added:

“These positive results contribute to reinvigorating the tourism industry in Jordan through the support of TravCo PLC and their local team who are dedicated to making sure that tourists are enjoying their experiences in the Kingdom and encouraging their friends and family to do the same.”

It is worth noting that the Jordan Tourism Board launched intensified campaigns in Russia starting late 2015 that extended to early 2016 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Krasnodar which lead to the launch of charter flights to Aqaba. JTB also has a strategy in place to attract charters and low cost carriers from around the world to take advantage of incentives at KHIA.

Recently a charter from Kiev also started service to the second international gateway into Jordan.

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