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Russians can Travel to More Countries Visa Free

Russians can Travel to More Countries Visa Free
The Foreign Ministry of Russia bilateral agreements on visa-free entry using ordinary passports and 90-day stay have come into force this year.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, the number of countries that do not require Russian citizens to obtain entry visas has increased from 82 to 89 in 2019.

Added are St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Costa Rica, Dominica, Suriname, the Maldives, Palau and the United Arab Emirates. “The overall number of visa-free countries for Russians reached 89,” the ministry added.

Moreover, the number of states whose residents can travel to Russia visa-free increased to 57. The e-visa pilot project for foreigners to enter Russia through checkpoints in the Far Eastern Federal District was also expanded to now include the Kaliningrad Region, Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg.