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Seven Restaurants That Shouldn’t Be in The World’s Best 50 List

Seven Restaurants That Shouldn’t Be in The World’s Best 50 List

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Seven Restaurants That Shouldn’t Be in The World’s Best 50 List

Seven Restaurants That Shouldn’t Be in The World’s Best 50 List

Each year, when the World’s Best 50 Restaurants list is announced, there is a collective sigh and shaking of heads. How do some of these restaurants make the list?

At LTI HQ, the team of 12 researchers, spread across the world, dine in superb, memorable, and exciting restaurants – literally 365 days of the year. And this list never bears any relation to their own experiences.

It would take too long to scrutinize every entry, so let’s just focus on revealing the seven that the team believes don’t deserve such iconic status.

Arpège Paris
At this No. 8 best restaurant in the world, we are underwhelmed by the food, the décor and even the chairs (metal framed and uncomfortable.)  There are so many better places in Paris to explore.

White Rabbit Moscow
We like the room and there are some worthy standout dishes, but the shopping mall location (and the need to take two elevators) is certainly not the experience we expect of the world’s 13th best restaurant.

Cosme New York
Currently at No. 23 on the list, there is very little positive to say about Cosme. We have visited several times, but each time we have come away slightly more perplexed. The cocktails are good though.

Boragó Santiago
This is fine dining that leans towards the complex and experimental. But there are literally hundreds of restaurants across the world attempting similar and several are more deserving of the No. 26 spot.

Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao
Opinions have been split since its opening in 2011. While the location is special, the food and service are not. For a far superior fine dining experience and more deserving of Nerua’s No 32 spot, Mina is just a mile away.

Lyle’s London
It’s not that we don’t appreciate Lyle’s. In fact, there is a lot to like. But it would not make No. 33 on our London’s Best list, let alone World’s Best.

Leo Bogota
Here is the problem. The World’s Best 50 Restaurants list creates a huge amount of global buzz and subsequently a lot of long distance travelling for foodies. Now Leo, (No. 49 on the list), is a great restaurant, and possibly one of Bogota’s top three, but don’t bother to book a flight especially.

So with Gagan in Bangkok (No. 4 on the World’s Best list) now closed, this leaves 42 on the list – which may well be 42 of the world’s best restaurants. Let’s leave it at that.

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