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Seychelles endorsed Zimbabwe in UNWTO Secretary General race

Seychelles endorsed Zimbabwe  in UNWTO Secretary General race

The UNWTO Candidate for Secretary General from the Seychelles, former Minister of Tourism Alain St.Ange today announced his withdraw from the race. Mr. St.Ange made this announcement in Madrid and 3 days before the upcoming election.

Earlier today the Seychelles President Danny Faure chaired an Extra-Ordinary Cabinet meeting at which the Seychelles Cabinet considered a formal request from the African Union Commission for Seychelles to withdraw the candidature of Mr. Alain St Ange for the election to the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

Having considered the stance taken by Seychelles at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) meeting in March 2016, and at the African Union (AU) meeting of July 2016, where member states, including Seychelles, had unanimously voted to support the Zimbabwean candidate, Cabinet members formally reviewed its decision to support the candidature of Mr. St Ange. This is in line with established practices governing the endorsement process for candidatures within the international system under the AU and SADC frameworks.

Mr. St Ange’s capacity to lead the UNWTO is unquestionable, as is his vast experience in the field of tourism. However, in light of our standing responsibilities and commitments within the context of the African Union, the Seychelles Government has decided to withdraw the candidature of Mr. St Ange for the position of Secretary General.

Seychelles will stand in solidarity with the African Union and support the African Union’s officially endorsed candidate from Zimbabwe in the upcoming election.

The official candidate is the Hon. Walter Mzembi, Minister of Tourism and Hospitality for Zimbabwe.