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Seychelles media scene gets richer as new publication about to be launched

Seychelles media scene gets richer as new publication about to be launched

According to reports received from Victoria, a section of the local business community of the Seychelles is supporting the launch of a new newspaper in the coming months.

It will, according to the details received, be a full-size large format newspaper as is common in the rest of the world but will be novel for the archipelago. After a tip-off, one of the businessmen in the islands who will be part of the group working towards the launch of the independent newspaper commented as follows: “Yes, it will be on full-size large format paper, and yes, we shall be looking with an eye at both sides of the political divide. Today, we have too much bitterness in the country and though we carry an opposition label we need to save our Seychelles. We are worried these days and this is echoing opinions from many.”

When asked how their news will be any different from what is being published around today, the businessman said that they intended to go deeper and find trends with seriousness. “Recently, a local businessman, Marc Houareau, for instance published an open letter in the Today newspaper. It was a good piece, and it went beyond day-to-day aggressive and destructive gutter politics. Even Westergreen posted a comment on social media to call for Marc Houareau for President. This is a story we shall follow, because it is fresh, and because it departs from the same faces since 1991 when Seychelles was leaving its second Republic era. That is just one example of news other newspapers did not touch and there are many such leads,” he said verbatim though was not ready to be named here.

The weekly newspaper will be using traditional newsprint paper like that used in Europe and is set to bring a new feel to news in the islands. “We shall look at the economy, challenge political trends and National Assembly lack of seriousness, and this comes from both sides. We shall be a paper that will find its rightful place fast. No bitterness in this newspaper. We are not bitter about anything, we just want to save Seychelles before those we all rallied to elect destroy the islands,” he said in his concluding remarks.

Watch this space for future updates on this new venture which is expected to carry a regular tourism column with information from across the islands.

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