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Seychelles records 33% increase in visitor arrivals last month

A total of 24,920 visitors arrived in Seychelles in January, showing an increase of 33% compared to the same period last year which was at 18,760.

According to the statistical bulletin released at the end of last month, by the National Bureau of Statistics, 93% of visitors in January were on holiday while 2% were on business or combining business with a holiday.

It has also been recorded that 56% of visitors were from Europe, 11% from Africa, 28% from Asia and 4% from America.

The leading six markets in January were Germany, China, France, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Italy.

The latest statistical bulletin presenting visitor arrivals for the week ending February 5, shows that a total of 6,996 tourists arrived in Seychelles during that period.

Hence, the overall figures for that week were at 30,300 visitors which was an increase of 35% above that of 2016.

With this increase, changes in the top leading markets were seen as China managed to climb up to first position and Germany became the second leading market. France, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Italy remained the other four leading markets.

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