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Seychelles Tourism Board CEO talks to Euronews about digital tourism in Seychelles

Seychelles Tourism Board CEO talks to Euronews about digital tourism in Seychelles

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis, was interviewed by Euronews at the 2018 ITB Berlin on Wednesday.

The interview will feature in a 15-minute program with a spotlight on the ITB fair, which will be aired on the Euronews network.

The program will focus on digital tourism and how different destinations are making use of technology and the various digital platforms to increase their visibility and attract visitors.

Mrs. Francis used the opportunity to talk about how Seychelles has embarked on the digital revolution in tourism marketing.

She spoke about various projects and initiatives implemented by the Seychelles’ Tourism Board’s Digital Marketing section.

This includes ensuring that the organization is present on all existing social media platforms, working with influencers and bloggers with a large number of following to promote the destination and investing in new technologies such as Virtual Reality headsets and 360-degree cameras to produce and showcase stunning videos of the islands, among others.

Mrs. Francis noted that while Seychelles values the traditional travel agencies, which are still relevant and continue to bring in a lot of the business, it is equally important to keep up with the trends to ensure that the destination remains on top of the game in this ever-competitive industry.

“We need to keep monitoring the game because our aim is to remain ahead of the curve. Whatever new technologies that come out we are one of the tourism boards that ensure that once they are out we have it. But even with the traditional travel agencies, which are still prominent in Seychelles, they can also do a lot of things online. For example, soon we will have our training platform for travel agents online, instead of having to go from city to city to conduct training,” Mrs. Francis told Euronews.

The Euronews program is expected to be aired on March 17.