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Seychelles Tourism Board promotes country at “Africa Showcase”

Seychelles Tourism Board promotes country at “Africa Showcase”

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) seized another opportunity to promote the exotic island destination in North America with its participation at the “Africa Showcase” 2018 Roadshow.

Held between September 5, 2018 to September 13, 2018 in the states of Boston, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles, the roadshow provided STB with direct access to a considerable amount of African Travel Specialist in North America.

This comes at an opportune time as Seychelles continues to look towards the United States of America for increased arrivals from the northern part of the country.

Since the start of the year over 10,600 Americans have visited the island nation.
Representing Seychelles at the roadshow was Mr. David Germain, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Regional Director for Africa & the Americas.

He mentioned that Seychelles continued participation at the “Africa Showcase” roadshow provides STB with direct access to travel trade partners who are actively selling Africa and the Indian Ocean islands, educating new agents as well about destination Seychelles to better sell the Islands.

An annual event, the “Africa Showcase” consists of a series of workshops, which provide travel sellers with the latest information and tools designed to boost their sales to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

“Adequate airlift from North America to Seychelles is available to further swell visitor numbers in the coming years, it remains an important determining factor in the continuing success of the market for Seychelles” said Mr. Germain.

“The Seychelles Islands are now effectively ‘one stop from anywhere’, a fact that significantly strengthens its marketing capabilities in the Americas, by allowing visitors greater flexibility and more options when planning their trips” he added.

“Africa Showcase” is organised by On Show Solution, in partnership with South African Airways. It has evolved into one of the largest roadshows for North American travel trade, especially those that are directly associated with travel to Africa.

Events during the roadshow featured exclusive African products, and saw the involvement of over 600 participants. The trade show features over 30 exhibitors from various African countries, with Seychelles being the only country present from the Indian Ocean region.
Seychelles is today more known to the affluent North Americans than in the last decade, and the current tourist’s arrival figures from the Americas to Seychelles is very encouraging.