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Seychelles Tourism Board teams up to offer destination training in Ireland

Seychelles Tourism Board teams up to offer destination training in Ireland

A group of 20 tour operators and travel agents in Ireland now have a broader knowledge of the Seychelles islands and its products, which will allow them to better sell the destination.

The group recently attended a destination training organized by the Seychelles Tourism Board’s UK office.

The training in the form of an evening presentation was held at the Spencer – a new and popular spot in Dublin.

STB was represented by the Director for UK & Ireland, Christine Vel, and Marketing Executive, Eloise Vidot, and had the support of four trade partners — Etihad Airways, Berjaya Hotels, Hilton Hotels and the Constance Hotels.

The tour operators and travel agents who turned up to broaden their knowledge about the destination, the air links and hotel products, displayed keen interest.

For the few of them who had already been to Seychelles, the training was the perfect opportunity to refresh their knowledge, while learning about new developments and products.

Ms Vel said: “We are very happy with the turnout and quality of tour operator and agents that were present for the evening. In spite of being a relatively small market for Seychelles, there is potential for the Irish market to grow. We have various airlines flying to Seychelles via their hub in Ireland presenting diverse possibilities for holidaymakers.”

The evening ended with a draw where one lucky agent won a trip to the Seychelles islands.