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Seychelles Tourism Joins Perseverance Secondary School Celebration

Seychelles Tourism Joins Perseverance Secondary School Celebration

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The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) joined with Perseverance Secondary School in a celebration commemorating World Tourism Day in a one-day exhibition promoting the hospitality industry on Friday, September 25, 2020.

The small fair, hosted by the Perseverance school in
collaboration with Hilton Seychelles, also saw the participation of the
Seychelles Tourism Academy.

A strong delegation comprising of staff from the STB
Headquarters and the Trade and Visitors services attended in the aim of forging
young minds for a potential career in tourism.

Delivering an inspiring speech at the event was STB Chief
Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis, bringing a hopeful message to the students by
emphasizing that amidst trying times the potential of the tourism industry

The STB staff provided information about the destination and
the STB as an organization increasing students’ interest in joining the
industry and their inspiration to help towards reviving tourism.

STB Deputy Chief Executive, Ms. Jenifer Sinon, was invited
by the school to make a presentation to the Secondary students about STB, its
functions, mission and how each department work in close collaboration to
achieving the company’s goals. Keeping our youth in the loop about what goes on
behind the scenes may spark an interest they did not know they possessed.

Also present were some members of STB Team, representing
some of the company’s departments, who united to share the joys and beauty of
working in such a dynamic and essential industry with the future workforce of

STB representatives included Mr. Michel Agrippine, Director
of Print and Production; Ms. Sylvianne Nicette, Officer in Trade and Visitors
services; Ms. Christina Cecile, Destination Marketing Executive; and Ms.
Marie-Julie Stephen Senior PR Officer from the STB News Bureau.

It was apparent by the number of questions that the team’s
stories flared a certain passion and interest in the tourism and hospitality

Educating the future generation about the industry’s
significance and the bountiful career opportunities waiting to be explored
beyond the usual hotel management jobs is a vital step in ensuring the
Seychelles Tourism Industry remains in the global limelight.

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