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Sicily named as one of 2017 Ten Best Wine Destinations

Sicily named as one of 2017 Ten Best Wine Destinations

The ultimate cure for the winter blues is planning a vacation and for those interested in wine destination travel, the options are endless. While more traditional wine regions like Tuscany and Provence continue to pop up on itineraries, more and more travelers looking for a truly unique and equally picturesque experience are choosing Sicily, Italy. As Sicily’s wine tourism grows steadily, the destination was just named one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s 2017 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations for the first time.

As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it offers something for everyone – from the pristine beaches that make up its 600-mile coastline to the interior of the island that is made up of mountainous peaks including the largest active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna. Situated in the center of the Mediterranean, Sicily is a cultural melting pot with historic influences from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As wine travelers seek new regional flavors and experiences with a deep cultural backstory, Sicily fits the bill with winemaking traditions that date back more than 3,000 years.

The island’s wine tourism is largely influenced by Sicilia DOC, a consortium of 130 Sicilian wine producers committed to preserving and promoting Sicily’s winemaking industry.

“Thanks to meticulous vineyard tending and gentle grape handling in Sicily’s wineries, Sicilia DOC wines feature the medley of flavors that Sicily has been known for since ancient times and which represent some of the best wines of Italy,” said Antonio Rallo, president of Sicilia DOC.

“Our readers seek discovery, unique native experiences and diversity, which is why Sicily is a top travel choice,” says Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast. “This diversity is also a hallmark of Sicily’s indigenous grapes – the crisp and savory Grillo and the island’s juicy flagship red, Nero d’Avola.”

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