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SilkAir pours millions into meeting the future

SilkAir pours millions into meeting the future

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A program that will include investments of over 100 million dollars for the modernization of wholly-owned subsidiary cabins, with new business class reclining seats and the installation of in-flight entertainment systems in both Business Class and Economy Class is taking place at SilkAir airline.

The regional wing of Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, is about to launch an important investment program to update its cabin products as foreseen by a newly-launched multiannual initiative that foresees a merger with Singapore Airlines (SIA). These SilkAir enhancements will ensure a closer coherence between product and service through the SIA Group’s service network.

Aircraft booth upgrades should start in 2020 to meet delivery times required by seat suppliers, including completion of certification processes. The merger will take place only after a sufficient number of aircraft have been equipped with the new cabin products. Specific details will be announced progressively as the program develops and the timelines be completed.

In line with ongoing efforts to optimize the SIA Group’s network, there will also be transfers of routes and aircraft between the different airlines in the portfolio.

“About a year has passed out of the three planned to complete the announced transformation project and today’s communication represents a significant development to offer more growth opportunities and prepare the Group for an even more prosperous future,” declared the CEO of SIA, Goh Choon Phong.

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