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Skip the tourism and learn to travel with these top tips

Skip the tourism and learn to travel with these top tips

Tourism is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. In some places, tourism is the only industry that brings in money year after year. The only issue is that tourism is also causing changes in the culture and the values of the world’s most stunning destinations. Cities are emptying out of residents as tourists and short-term rentals become the norm. Tourist shops and tourist traps line the main street, forcing local artisans and small businesses away from the high foot traffic, and so on.

Travel can be an incredibly beneficial activity, but only if you do more than just book a trip at a hotel or a cruise. You need to be adventurous and explore the parts of the world that are less seen. You need to skip the tourism and learn how to travel with these top tips:

Avoid The High Season

The high season is marked most notably by when schools are out. Between children, families, and university and college students, this means that a large portion of people will be traveling either during spring break, or during summer. By avoiding these seasons, and even by choosing an off month like January or November, you can actually help support the local communities that overwhelmingly depend on tourism. The areas will be less busy, and the prices should be more accommodating as well.

Choose Unique and Exciting Destinations

Another benefit of going during the offseason is that, when you travel to places like the Galapagos Islands, you aren’t actually missing the great weather. No matter when you get your time off, you can experience great weather at these beautiful islands. Book a tour with South America Odyssey and experience these islands in a small, more intimate tour.

Avoid Massive Resorts and Cruises

Booking a tour is not a problem, but booking a cruise ship is. Not only are these monstrous beasts getting larger than ever – one cruise ship line even claims it carries upwards of 17 million passengers a year – they are damaging local communities. Take Venice, for example. The excessive footfall from these one-day tourists has led to the city being completely disjointed. The main pathway from the train station to St Mark’s Square is often completely crowded, and the rest is blissfully empty.

The same problems can be extended to resort hotels, many of which dig up the critical ecosystem along the shore so that tourists can enjoy clean beaches. The issue here is that it doesn’t take into account land erosion. Choose smaller companies instead, enjoy a more intimate experience, and help support the environment and the locals.

Do All You Can to Leave the Place Better Than Where You Found It

Finally, just take some personal responsibility. Do not litter anywhere you go and if you can even consider picking up what someone else has carelessly left behind or garbage that has perhaps been blown away in the wind. If we all did our party to leave our vacation destinations cleaner than when we arrived, the beaches around the world would be sparkling.

There are so many ways you can do good with your vacation, and many of them will actually help you enjoy your trip so much more. Go during the offseason, travel with smaller companies, boats, and hotels, and try to do your part to be a conscious traveler. This way everyone benefits, and the world heals.