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Spain Fireworks Explosion Injures 14

At least fourteen people have been wounded, three of them seriously, according to the local authorities in Spain.

An apparent pyrotechnics explosion rocked the Festa Del Pi celebration in the Catalonian city of Centelles, Spain, sparking chaos and wounding number of the festival attendees.

The apparent explosion accident took place during the annual festival in the city. At least 10 ambulances and two emergency services helicopters have been dispatched to treat the injured at the scene. People who suffered more serious injuries are being taken to the Vall d’Hebron hospital.

The remainder of the festival will be closed to the public as a precaution, however, the local fire department has confirmed that there was no structural damage to the bell tower.

Meanwhile, the Catalonian police force and the Spanish bomb disposal team TEDAX have been deployed to the scene to investigate.

The Festa Del Pi is celebrated on or around the winter solstice and involves the ceremonial hunt for a particular type of pine tree which is then burnt to honor the patron saint of the village.

Organizers confirmed that the annual traditions, including the arrival of the pine tree to the church, will go ahead once all of the injured have been taken away, but they will be conducted behind closed doors.