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Spain wants Japan to love Olive Oil, tourism is the key: Courtesy of the European Union

Spain wants Japan to love Olive Oil, tourism is the key: Courtesy of the European Union

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The European Union and specifically EU Member Spain wants their Olive Oil to be consumed in Japan and are using tourism and EU money to make this happen.

An Olive Oil campaign will be deployed in airports, train stations, and shopping centers. Olive Oil World Tour will install an innovative space in which the public will be able to discover everything around Olive Oils and where the information will coexist with a complete sensory experience: the Olive Oil Lounge.

At a press conference held in Tokyo, Olive Oils from Spain has presented to the Japanese market, the new olive oil promotion program, co-financed by the European Union.

Teresa Pérez, manager of Olive Oils from Spain, has presented this ambitious promotional initiative during which she has counted on the participation of the well-known influencer Maomi Yukki, an expert in gourmet issues.

Throughout its three years of life, the Olive Oil World Tour will develop various performances with the aim of getting its target to become fans of Olive Oils. Thus, the image and campaign messages will be included in the information media of the leading airlines of the Asian continent.

In addition, a digital campaign that includes programmatic, geofencing and paid social – a multi-channel online strategy that introduces Olive Oils in travellers’ mobile phones. The website and Facebook make it possible for olive oil culture to be accessible from any terminal.

This initiative is part of a global promotion strategy with actions in Europeand the United States. Campaigns under the motto “Let’s Make a Tastier World” will invite consumers to discover the benefits of Olive Oils.

Teresa Pérez highlighted the collaboration with the European Union: “It is the first time that a program of this scale has been launched, that will allow us to transmit the benefits of Olive Oil throughout the world, getting closer to the travellers of the 21st century.”

Japan imported around 55,000 tons of olive oils in 2017, which makes this country the first consumer in Asia. 97% of these came from the European Union. It stands out, on the rest, that Spain exported about 60% of the Olive Oils consumed in Japan.

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