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Star Clippers announce new yoga cruises for 2017

Star Clippers announce new yoga cruises for 2017

Yoga is back on board in 2017 on Star Clippers cruises to exotic destinations including the Western Mediterranean, Grenadine Islands, Winward Islands, Thailand and Indonesia.

Star Clippers offer the perfect setting for relaxation of the mind, body and soul with yoga classes held twice daily whilst lolling above the waves. Picture yourself under billowing sails, the sun is going down in the distance, and the smell and taste of salt in the fresh sea air .

Qualified yoga teachers offer insights into the philosophy of yoga and advice for practice at home. The classes, in tandem with the stunning surroundings of Patong Bay or Martinique Beach will help you transition from mountain pose to downward dog.

The Ashantga Yoga or “power yoga” classes feature an array of breathing and movement techniques guaranteed to revitalize your mind, body and soul with a focus on controlled breathing, posture, concentration and meditation.

Wake up every day feeling refreshed for your daily dosage of mindfulness as you soak up the sun and sea as you glide to your next destination.

Continue your yoga practice at home and feel the benefits of increased flexibility, muscle strength and posture, lower blood pressure, improved sleep and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

In 2017, the yoga, fitness and pilates sailings are:


May 6, 2017 – Western Mediterranean (Cannes roundtrip)
May 13, 2017- Western Mediterranean (Cannes roundtrip)
October 21, 2017 – Western Mediterranean (Cannes- Lisbon)
December 9, 2017 – Grenadine Islands
December 16, 2017 – Winward islands


April 8, 2017- Thailand (Phuket roundtrip)
July 1, 8 , August 19, 26 and September 2 2017- Indonesia (Bali roundtrip)


October 31, 2017 – Western Mediterranean

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