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Starbucks and MGM Resorts Las Vegas extortion scheme exposed?

Starbucks and MGM Resorts Las Vegas extortion scheme exposed?

Starbucks and MGM Resorts remain speechless after a conspiracy between MGM Resorts and Starbucks may victimize ten thousands of tourists in Las Vegas every single day. To make it more surprising, most consumers are ok with it or may even expect it.

When eTurboNews reached out to Starbucks and MGM both giants seemed to be speechless.

Have you stayed at an MGM managed resort in Las Vegas recently? Do you need your coffee and pastry in the morning? Are you buying water or other items in the hotels’ convenient stores? If you said yes, you are most likely already a victim of a fraud scheme initiated by MGM or Cesar Resorts and tolerated by Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and other brand name stores.

Yes, your coffee, your soda or pastry just went up 200-300% when buying in one of these stores. Of course, this could be seen as free enterprise.

The only problem in Las Vegas is visitors are not aware what items actually cost. The only way to know is to get in line and ask the associate at the cash register. It’s like playing the slot machines, you pay whatever the rate may be.

Starbucks stores in Las Vegas may look like Starbucks stores. Convenience stores may look like 7/11, but very few of the items displayed for sale in these establishments actually have a price tag. One thing you can be assured of, all prices are double or triple from what you expect them to be.

When eTurboNews asked a manager at the New York, New York Hotel Las Vegas Starbucks store the response was: “Our store is owned an operated by MGM Resorts and we’re operating under MGM rules.”

When eTurboNews asked Starbucks corporate communication and argued why they would issue a franchise license knowing this franchise store would have such business policies, there was no response.

MGM Resorts

Wouldn’t it reflect on the Starbucks brand even after this Las Vegas visitor returns home? No response from Starbucks PR agency Fleischman.

eTurboNews also reached out to MGM and the Cesar Group of Casino hotels. There was no official response, but privately eTN was told by a staff member: ” I am very much aware of this situation and personally agree,  this policy is very wrong. The hotel is now even charging me for parking. I asked my manager to show prices but was told not to do this.”

According to insiders at Cesar resorts, MGM has always been a trendsetter. Just in the last 3 years or so:

1) MGM started charging for parking – everyone followed
2) MGM started charging $37.00 a night mandatory resort fees to every guest room- everyone followed.
3) MGM raised restaurant rates up to 500% – everyone followed making the $9.99 buffet a reality of the past.
4) MGM started closing pools, spas, and gyms early, sometimes at 4 pm, so those attending a convention in Las Vegas usually never see a pool, a gym or can never enjoy the spas.  eTN was told by a gym employee there was a city ordinance in Las Vegas not allowing to have gyms open 24 hours. Only bars and casinos can be open 24 hours.

Unless you hit a jackpot in Las Vegas, you may very well be another victim of mass tourism and consumer ignorance mixed with corporate greed.