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Strong Climate Action Days

Strong Climate Action Days

The recent IPCC report underscores the message on Climate Action built into the Paris Accord and SDG-13. It reflects the core vision of Maurice Strong, Sustainable Development pioneer and the inspiration for SUNx, that Climate Change is eXistential and Travel & Tourism must respond urgently and continuously.

To advance this we have developed: Strong Climate Action Days

Delivered by ICTP President Geoffrey Lipman (former IATA, WTTC, UNWTO) and Felix Dodds (former UN Stakeholder Forum Director), these 2-day events, putting a unique focus on how Climate Change will affect Tourism destinations and help kick-start a response. They include topics such as:

  • SDG-13 Climate Action
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Climate-Friendly Travel (Smart Impact-Travel)
  • Innovative Financing

The events will incorporate a Governance Conversation, a Stakeholder Town Hall event, and a Strategy Planning Session. They will last for two days and lay the groundwork for continuing community-led action. They will also be a first step into the SUNx Support System, with access to our Climate Resilience resources.

We will launch this initiative during the 50th anniversary of The Club of Rome where it all began. For further information or to book a SUNx Climate Action Days session, please contact [email protected]