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Strong fatal earthquake strikes western Iran

Strong fatal earthquake strikes western Iran

A 6.1 magnitude quake struck the western side of Iran today, August 25, 2018, at 22:13:26 UTC.

A citizen of Salas-e Babajani was killed, stated a person on twitter. Reports are erratic, but anywhere from 20 to 58 people were injured and rushed to a hospital in Javanrud.

According to reports, strong shaking was felt as far as the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

An emergency crisis center has been set up in Javanrud city.

The quake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers, 34.673N – 46.213E.

• 9.3 km (5.8 mi) S of Tazehabad, Iran
• 31.1 km (19.3 mi) WSW of Javanrud, Iran
• 39.8 km (24.7 mi) S of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
• 43.2 km (26.8 mi) SSW of Paveh, Iran
• 87.8 km (54.4 mi) WNW of Kermanshah, Iran