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Struggling TAZARA Zambian Tracks  hit by strike

Struggling TAZARA Zambian Tracks hit by strike

Reports are coming in that TAZARA, the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority, has suspended passenger trains from the border between Tanzania and Zambia to the endstation of the railway in Kapiri Moshi. 

This follows an unannounced and unsanctioned wildcat strike by workers despite TAZARA management’s attempt to engage with the two unions representing workers in Zambia. 

Sources in Dar es Salaam also pointed out that train operations, both passengers and cargo, continue uninterrupted from Dar es Salaam to the station nearest to the border with Zambia but that trains presently cannot cross due to lack of personnel handling them.

Passengers booked on TAZARA and about to embark on one of Africa’s most scenic train journeys, should contact the company offices in Dar es Salaam for updates when cross border train operations will resume. 

TAZARA, long struggling with shrinking cargo volumes and diminishing passenger numbers, has of late received greater support from the two governments of Tanzania and Zambia and China, the country which originally built the railway, too has extended more material assistance to the company to turn its fortunes around. 

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