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Super 8 hits the road: Brings critically-acclaimed “hotel art” show to Miami

Super 8 hits the road: Brings critically-acclaimed “hotel art” show to Miami

Coming off the heels of its critically-acclaimed, first-ever “hotel art” show in New York City, Super 8 is bringing its eclectic gallery of hotel kitsch to Art Basel in Miami, where later this week, for one night only, members of the public can take home their very own piece of Super 8 history—for free.

Showcasing an entirely new assortment of works, “When The Art Comes Down: Works from the Super 8 Collection – Miami Edition,” is a final farewell to the last remaining pieces of Super 8’s “not-so-super” art and comes just as the brand prepares to wrap up the largest redesign in its more than 40-year history. A multi-year journey, the redesign represents more than $103 million in renovations by Super 8 hotel owners across nearly 1,800 properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This week’s gallery event will be held on Thursday, December 1, in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood at 2213 NW 2nd Avenue from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST.

“When we created this concept earlier in the year, we had no way of predicting the overwhelming response it would illicit from both guests and art lovers alike,” said Mike Mueller, Super 8 brand senior vice president. “There was such demand, complemented by real excitement for how Super 8 has evolved, that we couldn’t resist bringing the show to Miami and giving these last few pieces a fun, final farewell.”

In a whimsical nod to one of the world’s most beloved art icons, Super 8 is also teaming up with Bob Ross Company, the art company of Florida native Bob Ross, to infuse his signature style into elements of the brand’s latest gallery. From a live demonstration of how to apply Ross’s Wet-on-Wet® technique when recreating “hotel art masterpieces” to renaming the works on display to reflect his soft spoken “happy tree” type commentary, Ross’s presence will be evident throughout the gallery in clever and playful ways.

Super 8’s redesign centers around elevated guestrooms that feature new bedding and curtains, a refreshed color palette, sleek finishings, modern amenities and signature black and white artwork built into each guestroom’s headboards. Each piece of art is hyper-localized, and emits a contemporary, postcard-feel while depicting iconic landmarks and landscapes specific to each hotel.

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