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Survey reveals most expensive luxury hotels in New York City

Survey reveals most expensive luxury hotels in New York City

When it comes to New York City’s lodging options, these are unquestionably the crème de la crème.

What will $75,000 get in terms of accommodations these days? In many parts of the United States, a basic home can be had for that price, but to live in Manhattan ultra-luxury style, it will cover just a single night’s stay. According to the latest report from, that’s the price tag associated with New York’s City’s most expensive hotel suite.

The website compared all luxury hotel suites in Manhattan and then came up with a Top 10 ranking. As befitting a rich and famous lifestyle, a stay in one of these suites includes amenities like access to a Rolls Royce with chauffeur driver and personal style advice from top fashion designer Christian Dior. When it comes to the city’s lodging options, these are unquestionably the crème de la crème.

Topping the rankings is The Mark Hotel’s Penthouse Suite. Situated in the city’s exclusive Upper East Side, it comes in at a heart-stopping nightly rate of $75,000. Measuring 12,000 square feet, the Penthouse Suite is the largest of its kind in the USA. For the kingly sum of $75,000, guests are treated to unparalleled views of not only Manhattan’s skyline but also Central Park. Complete with a private rooftop terrace, a private elevator and a living room cum grand ballroom, it’s no wonder the media has dubbed the Penthouse Suite a “castle in the sky.”

Comparatively speaking, the second place finisher, the Ty Warner Suite at the Four Seasons New York, is significantly less expensive yet no less decadent. Its $50,000 per night price tag includes the services of a 24-hour on-call personal butler to cater to guests’ every whim. A chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce is included with this suite as well. Unlimited caviar and champagne as well as spa services and a personal trainer allow guests to live it up in high style.

The Mandarin Oriental New York’s Suite 5000 complete the Top 3 podium. At an overnight rate of $18,000, it ranks as NYC’s third most expensive hotel suite. Guests can hand-select garments and accessories from Christian Dior’s current collection. Other luxe benefits of staying here are a 75-inch TV, floor-to-ceiling windows and a Swarovski crystal wall installation in the dining area.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive hotel suites in New York City along with their nightly rates for October 2016.

1. Penthouse Suite (The Mark Hotel) $75,000
2. Ty Warner Suite (Four Seasons) $50,000
3. Suite 5000 (Mandarin Oriental) $18,000
4. The Presidential Suite (St. Regis) $35,000
5. The Tata Suite (The Pierre) $30,000
6. Presidential Suite (Park Hyatt) $30,000
7. Royal Suite (The Plaza) $30,000
8. The Peninsula Suite (The Peninsula) $25,000
9. Champagne Suite (New York Palace) $25,000
10. Baccarat Suite (Baccarat Hotel) $18,000

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