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Survey says travel frequency should increase in 2017

Survey says travel frequency should increase in 2017

When asked about their travel plans for 2017, 15% of survey respondents stated they plan on traveling more frequently for business and 21% more for leisure compared with 2016.

More than 650 people participated in the survey, conducted by The GO Group, LLC.

Just seven percent of participants said they planned on traveling less in 2017 for business and four percent less for leisure.  Fifty-five and 16 percent noted they will travel the same amount for business and leisure, respectively.  About 20 percent are unsure of plans for either type of travel.

“An increase greater than 15%, whether for business or leisure travel, is significant,” says John McCarthy, president of GO Airport Express and The GO Group.  “The tourism and travel industry is an important part of the US and world economies, so this is really positive news.”

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