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Syrians shot missiles that took out Russian military plane

Syrians shot missiles that took out Russian military plane

The Syrian air force was attempting to retaliate against the Israelis for its latest strike against presumed arms delivered to Latakia for transport to Iranian forces and proxies when it accidentally downed a Russian reconnaissance flight with 14 aboard.

Israel adheres to a strict policy of neither confirming nor denying such reports but most observers believe the scenario as reported is accurate despite the lack of attribution offered by CNN which broke the story.

The IL-20 turbo-prop was returning to the base at Latakia when it was struck by a missile. The incident took place while Israeli and French jets were operating in the area.

The state-run TASS news agency reported that the aircraft was about 20 miles from the coast of Syria when it disappeared from radar screens. The report noted the presence on-screen of a squad of four Israeli F-16 fighter planes and the off-shore launching of missiles by a French frigate.

by Michael Friedson, The Media Line