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Tahiti Tourism minister wants to take advantage of the European Fund development

Tahiti Tourism minister wants to take advantage of the European Fund development

French Polynesian Minister of Tourism, Nicole Bouteau, met on Tuesday, the steering committee of the tourism development strategy 2015-2020. The debate was the signature next February in Brussels of the financing agreement of the 11th territorial EDF (European Fund development) dedicated exclusively to the tourism sector.

The 11th EDF provides budgetary support for the implementation of the sectoral policy in the field of tourism for an amount of 3.6 billion Fcfp. As part of this meeting, the aim was to adopt the 2016 annual report on the implementation of the strategy, document prior to first disbursement.

This meeting was also an opportunity to present the essential data of the sector in the first ten months of 2017, statistics processed by the Institute of Statistics in French Polynesia. With a 3.1% increase in visitor numbers and a 6.3% increase in overnight tourism, 2017 confirms the trends of recent years, including a very good third quarter. Looking forward to November and December data, the year 2017 already shows the best level of attendance for ten years on the destination.

On the evolution of hotel traffic, with + 7% of rooms sold in international hotels in the first three quarters of 2017, the data have improved significantly compared to 2016.

Whether on turnover or employment, the indicators are also on the rise. Tourism accounts for 17% of salaried jobs in French Polynesia, with a 4.4% increase in its workforce, particularly in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

The 2018 outlook was also discussed. Major actions were presented and debated, whether it was the continuation of the population awareness program for tourism, the development of cultural tourism, blue tourism, green tourism, tourism and tourism. the continuation of structuring arrangements, regulatory reforms, initial and professional training in the tourism sector, and changes in the international air supply.