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Tanzanian NGO Wins The Drone Pioneer Award

Tanzanian NGO Wins The Drone Pioneer Award

Elephant Survival Organization and Bathawk Recon’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) anti-poaching concept in Tanzania has won a European prestigious award of ‘Drone Pioneer’.

UAV anti poaching surveillance, a three-years extensive and painstaking trials taken place over Tarangire and Mkomanzi National Parks, both in northern Tanzania, had registered overwhelming results, apparently impressed European civil drone alliance, as the sustainable solution for fighting poaching.

On its just ended biggest civil drone show held in Berlin, German, Europe recognized the Tanzania’s UAV anti-poaching concept as the Drone Pioneer.

This is arguably the Europe’s biggest civil drone show. A total of 158 exhibitors, 84 presentations in two forums and more than 30 take-offs and landings in Europe’s largest flight zone made interaerial solutions at INTERGEO the meeting point for the international UAV sector.

The enormous range on show underscored the event’s importance as Europe’s leading commercial and civil drone show. Presented for the first time this year, the Drone Pioneer Award, which recognizes sustainable solutions using drones”

“We are shaping digitization and bringing together different worlds in doing so. In fact, this is ever more important than ever, since digitization is not an end in itself. Solutions to social issues related to mobility, energy, the environment, health and safety should be found and these issues can not be tackled without digitization” Professor Hansjörg Kutterer, President of DVW organizing INTERGEO, said in statement.

“This strongly underscores the power of our concept to capture the notice of not only conservationists but the technology community as well” Prof. Kutterer noted.

According to the release ‘A special prize sponsored by the Joschka Fischer Company was presented to the Elephant Survival Organization.

“The project we picked out for an award was about protecting wild animals in a wildlife reserve, So when you are operating this drone you are not just having fun you are saving an elephants life too. How cool is that?”  Julia Eckey Principal of Joschka Fischer & company stated.

According to Mike Chambers, in charge of the Elephant Survival Organisation UAV anti poaching surveillance start up in Tanzania, this is a particularly important form of recognition.

“We’ve made every effort to build the idea as a local platform. – Global Technology Local Concept. That’s why this is so meaningful to us because a major global voice is appreciating what we have to offer and saying out loud to the whole community!” Mr Chambers told e-Turbonews in Arusha, Tanzania.

Elephant Survival Organization thanked Florian, Patrick and Constantin in Berlin who presented project ideas to the organizers and attended the award ceremony on the 27th of September.

“Its natural Elephant Survival Organization is happy; it may have always been the case, but now it’s official: They’re Drone Pioneers” Mr Chambers concluded.