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TAP Portugal now features Michelin stars onboard

TAP Portugal now features Michelin stars onboard

TAP Portugal is collaborating with five Chefs with Michelin stars who, along with TAP’s cuisine consultant Chef Vítor Sobral, will introduce the “Taste the Stars” program to further enhance its customers’ travel experience. The addition of the country’s most renowned Chefs takes TAP’s mission to share Portuguese flavors to new heights.

Starting in September, inflight meals will include a creation from one of the five Michelin star chefs who have accepted the challenge to promote the best of Portuguese cuisine.

“Portugal is often referred to in international media as ‘the best kept secret in Europe.’ TAP’s commitment in announcing this project is perfectly clear: we will do everything we can so that Portugal is no longer a secret,” said Fernando Pinto, TAP Portugal’s Chairman, at the official launch of this project in the Palácio Pimenta, in Lisbon.
TAP’s chairman believes this agreement with the six Chefs “will allow more people to discover the excellence of our cuisine and fall in love with Portugal: with its aromas and scents, its sunshine and sea, its wines and cuisine and, of course, its culture.”

As part of the “Taste The Stars” project, TAP also will offer a platform to other gifted chefs – young talents trained by the six official Chefs, and given the opportunity to present their creations and suggestions as part of the inflight service.

TAP flies around 12 million passengers a year, and is growing. In its capacity as a body that brings national flavours to the world, in 2016 TAP served 14 million in-flight meals, almost 2 million litres of water, 1.7 million litres of fruit juice and soft drinks, almost 37 thousand kilos of coffee, 175 thousand litres of beer and more than 500,000 litres of wine, all of which was produced domestically.
In the coming months, TAP will also announce a revolutionized wine list, with a new selection model which will give Portuguese producers the opportunity to promote their products internationally.

With the “Taste the Stars” project, the Chefs will create meals for TAP passengers, discover, promote and encourage new Portuguese cooking talents, reinvent the use of several regional products, be part of national and international TAP cooking events (in New York or São Paulo, for instance). Further, the Michelin chefs’ restaurants will also now be part of TAP’s “Portugal Stopover” program, which provides complimentary bottles of wine for travelers who visit Lisbon or Porto en route to destinations throughout Europe and Africa.

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