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The new Zimbabwe and Tourism

The new Zimbabwe and Tourism

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Dr. Walter Mzembi talked to eTN hours before his boss Robert Mugabe resigned after tremendous pressure from the people of Zimbabwe under the direction of the Zimbawe Defense and Security Services.

Today it’s “Welcome to the new Zimbabwe”, ecstatic Zimbabweans keep saying this to me in the streets of Harare. “Now you journalists can come here and do your work without fear”. These are the tweets received by a journalist on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

Cheers “Free at last” are heard everywhere. Today a tense Harare has turned into a city of people dancing on the streets and celebration. Correcting the past is on everyone’s mind, but the next president expected to be appointed for this Southern African Nation may be one of the old guards. The British foreign minister and the British Prime Minister hope it will be a turning point to lead to a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.

Celebrations are not limited to Zimbabwe. People are on the streets in Johannesburg and London, many in exile hope to be able to go home.

This is tonight, but how will the future shape out for Zimbabwe?

Travel and tourism is a big currency earner and job creator in Zimbabwe, and earning currency, generating revenue and jobs should be on the top of the agenda in a country with more than 90% of the population unemployed.

One of the successful leaders in the travel and tourism world under the Mugabe administration was Dr. Walter Mzembi. He single handed brought Zimbabwe back into the community of UNWTO nations, his lengthy service as chair of its Africa Commission and his hard-fought campaign to become UNWTO Secretary-General.

Mostly because of his efforts, Zimbabwe repaid all its unpaid Membership dues to UNWTO, re-joined the organization and a couple of years later was co-host of UNWTO’s Assembly in Victoria Falls, with Zambia, welcoming a thousand delegates from around the world.

Importantly, Zimbabwe’s long-suffering tourism industry got heart for a revival and as we all know unlocked investment and visitor revenue to boost its beleaguered economy and help lift its people out of poverty.

Mzembi for years went out of his way to promote his country’s tourism industry and build bridges for his country with a global mindset of peace and tourism, investment, friendship and integrity. His diplomatic skills are exceptional.

In his short job as the foreign minister, he wasted no time assuring the world Zimbabwe is the place to invest.

Technically he is still the Foreign Minister recently appointed by Robert Mugabe and this may very well mean the end of his career or worse prison, when in fact his skills, standing, and connections should be better used to build a new Zimbabwe. Dr. Mzembi is currently safe in the Cuban Embassy.

Dr. Mzembi had started to build a new Zimbabwe already and quietly. He started this process some time ago.


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