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The Scenic Destination: Things to Do at Zion National Park

The Scenic Destination: Things to Do at Zion National Park

We normally think of long hiking trails and gorgeous scenery when talking about national parks. The Zion National Park is no different. It offers adventures for those who love spending time surrounded by nature and its beauty.

Zion, however, has a few special tricks up its sleeve. There are plenty of things you can do – and even more attractions to explore – when visiting the Zion National Park. We are going to review the best ones to try in this article.

Across the Narrows

Zion National Park is famous for its diverse landscape, which is why the destination is so popular among those who love a bit of an adventure. If you are planning an adventure here, make sure you add walking across the Narrows as a must-try.

The Narrows is actually the slimmest part of the Zion Canyon. It is a river path that takes you to some of the most beautiful places in the national park. The cliffs are beautifully textured and very narrow in some spots – hence the name – and the water flowing below is equally beautiful.

Make sure you come prepared for the Narrows. You need to have a waterproof bag for your electronics and valuables, plus you want to carry some snacks and bottled water with you just in case. Start the journey from the Temple of Sinawava and enjoy the ride.

The Magical Drive

Zion National Park is also unique because you can visit some of the most beautiful spots in the national park by car. In fact, a drive across the Zion National Park is one of the best things you can do here. Set out in a good car and you will enjoy the lovely scenery along the route.

The entire route is 57 miles long and is known as the Zion Scenic Drive. You will see a lot of RVs and family cars along the way; this is a very popular route indeed. Time your drive correctly, however, and you can have the beautiful road almost entirely to yourself.

While the route is gorgeous – with a smooth road surface too – you still have to be extra careful. There are spots without guardrails, and you may come across the park’s wildlife along the way.

A Relaxing Getaway

Of course, you don’t have to be an adventurer to enjoy Zion National Park. This is also a great destination for those who want to enjoy a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its calm and soothing ambiance is perfect for this type of trip.

You have all the amenities you will need, especially with top accommodation options such as the Zion Motel offering rooms for solo travelers and families. Stay at the Zion Motel and you will be within walking distance of the best spots in the park and you can have the relaxing holiday experience you want without a problem.

Zion National Park has a lot to offer. It is a special destination with interesting things to do. Whether you are out for an adventure or you simply want a change of ambiance after a long week at work, this is the destination to consider.

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