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The United States of America is joining UNWTO

The United States of America is joining UNWTO

U.S. Tourism and UNWTO is making history in Baku, Azerbaijan. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is currently holding its Executive Council Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan. Today the US Department of Commerce announced the intend for the USA to become the next member of the UNWTO.  UNWTO had been trying to convince the United States to become a member for many years. This can be considered a turn for the UN Affiliated organization.

The U.S  originally was a founding member of UNWTO  and after many years attended the council with the intent to rejoin the organization.

Insiders believe this will be a game changer not only for UNWTO but also for the United States and the involvement of the U.S. within the global travel and tourism industry. For decades the U.S. was never officially on the table, and this move may not only bring the U.S. in the picture but on the front seat. It will allow a fairer and more balanced approach to counter the influence  China and Russia established in this global industry.

Insiders also say the Jamaica minister of tourism Edward Bartlett had a major influence in this decision. The next General Assembly for the UNWTO will be in St. Petersburg, Russia later this year.

At a dinner last night about the Resilience Council this photo shows an intense discussion between the Jamaica minister, Madam Dho and the former Greek Minister, possibly leading to this announcement today.


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