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Tips to Survive Long-Distance Traveling

Tips to Survive Long-Distance Traveling

So many of us have to travel on a regular basis in today’s world of globalization. For some this is a necessity that can’t be avoided, for others a hobby. In any case, long distance traveling can be both very enjoyable and awful depending on circumstances. In order to get the most out of each trip instead of awaiting every next coming one with apprehension, it’s important to take into account a lot of various factors. We are now going to come up with some simple ideas that will help you easily survive long distance trips and even turn them into something you are looking forward to.

Planning Matters a Lot

Maybe if you are going to the neighboring town for a day, it’s not so terrible to leave at home your camera or your favorite t-shirt, but if you are traveling far, far away and your trip will last for weeks, you are bound to feel the loss. In other words, the farther you are going, the more important carefully planning ahead becomes. Don’t leave packing for the last moment. Preferably, start packing at least a day in advance, and if you can, even earlier. Prior to the departure, make it your habit to double-check the presence of your passport, other documents you may need, money or preferably credit cards, any medicine you normally take or you think you may need, and any other necessities relevant in your case. After all, you can buy most things at your destination point to replace whatever you have forgotten to pack, but not everything can be so easily replaced. So, most importantly, take care of those.

Long distance traveling often involves changing flights, trains, etc. So another thing you should probably carefully plan in advance is these changes. After all, you definitely don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, maybe in a foreign country, the language of which you don’t even speak or understand, without a possibility to make the timely transfer. Always leave a sufficient time slot between flights/trains because the earlier one may easily be delayed, other unforeseen circumstances may appear and if there isn’t enough time in between, you are bound to miss your transfer.

Book Your Accommodations in Advance

Planning your accommodations should also be included in your list of the things to do before the trip. There are many online resources by means of which you can look for a suitable place to stay. Reserving a room beforehand will ensure that you face no unpleasant surprises in this regard on arrival. If you are looking for cheaper ways to travel, do not forget about such options as Couchsurfing. Such networks allow you to meet people from the city you are going to who are willing to host a foreigner. They probably do it in order to gain some new cultural experience, maybe language practice. For you too it’s a great way to meet the locals and to experience the culture from within. Let alone the fact that such accommodation will cost you nothing.

Dependable Insurance

Insurance is something you will have to buy if you are going to a country where you need a visa. However, whether you’ve been made to buy insurance or not, you should probably do it. Insurance is something you will not need in most cases, so it may seem like wasted money. But should it come to the situation when you actually need your coverage, you’d better have it.


Depending on the country of your destination, it might also be desirable to put in order vaccinations. Some of the communicable diseases common to a specific geographic location are pretty nasty. It’s not a souvenir to bring back with you from your trip. So it’s a good idea to check this information online well before the trip and see if any vaccinations are needed for your trip. Such an approach will help you to remain healthy no matter where you go. And if worst comes to worst and you do get ill, your insurance will secure high standard of medical care.

Spending Time During and Between Trips

Once all the preparations have been taken care of and you are all set to go, you might also consider making the trip itself as comfortable as possible. Long distance traveling means spending hours and hours waiting, basically doing nothing both on the plain/train and in the airports and railway stations waiting for the transfer. This can turn out to be really boring and significantly damp down the traveling enthusiasm. Of course, the airline and railway companies try to provide as much entertainment as possible. At least a movie of some kind will most likely be available. But if you don’t want to be disappointed, it’s better to think of your own ways of entertainment in advance. You can take your laptop or tablet to watch some videos and to listen to music during the endless trip but such a solution has a number of problems. No matter how great your battery is, your laptop will run low on it sooner rather than later. As for your tablet, it might not have enough storage. Well, there is another, maybe less obvious, device – a portable DVD player. These days they aren’t very popular just because tablets mostly perform their functions and at the same time do much more. However, for a long distance trip a portable DVD player can prove useful. First of all, as we’ve mentioned, it will offer you longer battery life. Secondly, the idea is to buy some DVDs in the duty-free or wherever you are waiting. This way you will be able to choose whatever you feel like watching at that particular moment. Of course, if you decide to buy a portable DVD player for your trip, you must carefully choose only the best thing. The best portable DVD player must have a big enough screen – you can find an option with about eight inches, it must support different formats. Such a device is not likely to be very expensive.


Another option to spend time during long-lasting trips is reading. Consider putting a couple of books into your backpack or equipping yourself with an E-book reader. Some people prefer purchasing books as they travel. This may be a very good idea since you do not carry books all the way, and you may purchase some very hard to come by samples for your personal library, something you would not otherwise be able to buy.

Be in Control of Your Physical Condition

Remember, that long distance trips for many travelers are associated with unfortunate physical conditions including jet lag and nausea. If you travel through several time zones, it is very likely, that you may end up having a jetlag. For different people the manifestations may be very diverse, but in general, it is important to realize that you will be not very productive during this period of time. Thus, if you are traveling on business, consider arriving a couple of days prior to your scheduled business events to have some time to adjust to local climate conditions and local time zone. It is quite understandable, that it may appear to be too costly both moneywise and time wise to arrange for those several extra days. But you should also ask yourself if you can afford coming this far, spending this much time and effort and ending up not productive during your most important meetings. The answer will, no doubt, be negative as well.

As for air sickness, there are much fewer of those who are aware of having it during long distance trips, than those who actually have it. This is why unless you oftentimes travel to long distances and are two hundred percent sure that you do not have air sickness, it is better to stay on the safe side and get yourself a pack of anti-sickness pills. Do not leave it in your luggage; take it with you into the passenger compartment. Remember that you may feel air sickness during a severe turbulence or after a second or third turbulence in a comparatively short period of time. It could be that you won’t need the pills, but it is much better to never apply what you have than to be in dire need of something you do not have.

Speaking about pills. If you have any chronic health conditions, do not forget the necessary supply of the medicines you take. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation of not being able to get the medicine you need so much at local drug stores. You may be lucky to find analogs, but such may not work just as well as the medicine you are prescribed to take. Thus, there’s no use in taking such a risk.

Despite all the seeming difficulty of the undertaking, in case you consider these easy to follow tips your journey is going to bring a lot of fun and satisfaction along with new emotions and priceless impressions. Explore the world with pleasure and have as much fun as you can every day of your life.