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Top 5 hotel experiences guests talk about on social media

Top 5 hotel experiences guests talk about on social media

A location-based social platform for hotels and the tourism industry, revealed the most posted-about features at hotels, and found that guests are most likely to talk about food and drink; the bar; views from the hotel; the condition of the room itself, and the pool. Here are the top subjects mentioned in social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from guests staying at close to 300 hotels in America, Australia and Asia, followed by the number of times each feature was mentioned:

1. Restaurant/meals – 11,700 posts
2. Drinks/the bar – 6,400 posts
3. View from the guest room– 4,000 posts
4. Key room features/condition of the room – 3,000 posts
5. The pool/swimming – 2,800 posts

Surprisingly, hotel staff were mentioned only 800 times; arrival at the hotel just 500 times, and the gym, in only 300+ posts.

The data covers guest social media posts across 291 properties in major cities and destinations across North America, Asia and Australia, and were compiled during the period January 1 through March 1, 2017.

“We are happy to share this data, which provides unique insight into the social media habits of guests staying at luxury hotels,” said Jonathan Barouch, Founder and CEO of Local Measure, the company that compiled the data of this information. “Our findings confirm the industry’s growing conviction that hotel stays are, more than ever, technology-enabled social experiences, with guests more interested in sharing their experiences – food and beverage, the bar and the view from their room -, than focusing on standard property amenities such as the gym, physical arrival, and even guest service.”

He concluded, “With social media an increasingly important channel for communicating guest preferences and recommendations, hoteliers would do well to focus on features that their guests are speaking most about – enhancing these features, without sacrificing other parts of the guest experience which lead to overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.”

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