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Top 5 Places to Travel for Sunshine This Winter

Top 5 Places to Travel for Sunshine This Winter


With winter just around the corner, many people are planning to escape the cold, gloomy months with a sunny trip abroad. Traveling at this time of year has many benefits. Not only are flights and accommodation cheaper during “low season” but you’ll also beat the crowds of tourists that tend to dominate islands and beaches in the summer.

If a quiet winter respite is what you need to shake off those blues and soak up some sun, consider these top five places to travel for sunshine this winter.

  1. Menorca

Menorca is undoubtedly a holiday hotspot in the summer, but you may be surprised to know that the island is also mild in the winter. The period between October and May is known as the “low season,” where the dazzling scenery can be enjoyed in temperatures as warm as 60 degrees in late November. There is very little rainfall at this time of year, and the beaches are practically empty, giving the island an air of quiet beauty. Some Menorca hotels close during winter, but enough stay open to make a trip to this tranquil island and low-key seasonal break. You can find plenty of charming villas in Menorca for singles, couples, and families by looking online.

  1. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a collection of picturesque islands off the coast of Senegal in West Africa that enjoys almost year-round sun. Its glorious sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing, but that’s not all. There are also some stunning sights to capture your interest such as Sal, one of the area’s most revered islands. If you’re looking for activities to tempt you from your sun lounger, you can enjoy scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and windsurfing in this temperate vacation spot. The months between September and January are the best time to go in terms of temperature, providing the perfect climate for a winter retreat.

  1. Tenerife

With a temperate climate, gorgeous blue seas and sandy beaches, Tenerife is the ideal location for a spot of winter sunbathing. If catching rays isn’t your scene, there are lots of attractions to while away your days including mountain climbing, whale and dolphin watching, caving, and national parks to explore. While daytime temperatures peak at around 70 degrees, the nights are a little cooler, so you’ll need to bring a sweater for alfresco evening dining.

  1. Cyprus

If you’re looking to get away after the holidays, Cyprus is the place to consider. Not only does it enjoy highs of 68 degrees even in its coldest month (February), but it hardly ever rains, and the landscapes are spectacular due to the almond trees that bloom at this time of year.

By visiting out of season, you’ll avoid overcrowded beaches without sacrificing the beauty of the island. If you’re up for a spot of skiing, the Troodos Mountain Range is in prime skiing condition during January and February, so this is the time to go. Visit Cyprus for some warm winter sun and a post-holiday pick-me-up.

  1. Florida

Don’t want to leave the States? A trip to Florida may not be as far as Europe, but this destination enjoys some of the most beautiful weather in the U.S. Not only is Florida home to some truly stunning coastlines (1,350 miles to be exact), but it also has a range of theme park attractions and resorts for families to enjoy. Visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando is most expensive and crowded during the summer, so traveling during the low season could help you beat the queues.

If you’d rather explore the wilderness, a trip to the Keys of Everglades National Park can be enjoyed in the balmy winter sun, before winding down on a white sandy beach with a view of the stunning shoreline.

To conclude

There are lots of deals to be found when vacationing at this time of year, so spend some time online researching the best accommodation and flight packages to get you that sunshine therapy you deserve. Remember that although the winter sun may not be as powerful as in July or August, you should still wear sunscreen to avoid getting burnt and make sure you keep hydrated.

Whether you’re planning a solo trip abroad, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway for you and your spouse, you don’t have to put up with cold, wet weather for the whole of winter. Book your low season holiday today, and you’ll forget those winter blues in no time.

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