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Top 5 Problems College Students Face – and Their Solutions!

Top 5 Problems College Students Face – and Their Solutions!

Going off to college for the first time can be an adventure of a lifetime. It’s new, it’s strange, it’s different. And, for those very same reasons, it can be absolutely terrifying. Not everything is perfect here; there are problems on college campuses. These university problems are something that every student will likely run into at one point or another. The trick to not being knocked down by them? Know the solution! If you know how to stop any of the college problems that you’re likely to face (Choosing between argumentative essay topics, for instance… or was it problem solution essay topics? Definitely the problem solution topic.), you’ll be able to overcome them.

Studies, Homework, and Academics

Your biggest responsibility once you head off for college is going to, of course, be your studies. Academics are the reason that you’re in school, after all, and they shouldn’t lose the “most important” position. But it’s far too easy to let things slip. The first thing you should do? Invest in organization. Knowing what you need to do (such as searching online for problem solution essay topics for college students) can help you to get it done. Need a plagiarism checker for your essay? Write it down somewhere, or you won’t be able to check for plagiarism. Another good tip is to not take on more than you can handle. While packing down your schedule to graduate quickly sounds good, it can wear you down. That will reflect on your grades.

Their Wallets

Money is an important thing for students living on their own for the first time. Between paying for tuition, supplies, housing, transportation, food, and every other little expense that comes up, you can find yourself constantly scratching the bottom of the barrel when it comes to your finances. One of the most common remedies for that is to work while you study, but even that can have the downsides. Your best bet is to work as close to the campus as possible. Bonus points if you can get a job working from home! This will cut down on transportation costs. You should also become very familiar with budgeting. Planning how you will spend your money can keep you from blowing it on things that you don’t need.

A Job

This goes along with the latter. Not only can the transportation costs make life difficult in college, actually work can, as well. A job will eat into the time that you have after you’ve gone to class, leaving less time for studying, socializing, or taking a deep breath now and again. The best solution, of course, is to quit work, if you can afford it. That isn’t an option for most people. Your second option is to try to make everything work. A lot of jobs offer flexible schedules to those in college. On the other hand, many schools offer later classes for students who work in the day. As always, scheduling is your friend here.

New Freedom

The new freedom that college students feel can be great. In fact, it can be downright intoxicating. And, for that reason, you should be careful when exploring it. One of the most common ways college students express this freedom is through partying. No one here is going to say that you should avoid parties entirely; they’re fun, they’re social, and they’re great for blowing off steam. But you should be careful about how you treat parties and in enjoying them responsibly. Remember: Anything that you do for fun shouldn’t take away from your education, and it shouldn’t be something that could land you in jail. Have fun, but don’t overdo it.

Being Homesick

This is something many students won’t admit but do suffer from. If you’re away from home for the first time, it’s natural to feel homesick. There are a few solutions, depending on where you live in relation to campus. If you’re relatively close (a few hours away), you can make plans to come home once, maybe even twice a month. If you’re an hour away, even weekly trips are feasible. If you can’t do that, then you can keep connected through phone calls, care packages and even video calls.

There are certain problems that go along with heading off to college. However, simple planning and thinking can combat them. So, if any of these problems rear their ugly heads, you’ll know what to do.