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Tourism Destinations and the CNN Task Group: How eTN fits in?

Tourism Destinations and the CNN Task Group: How eTN fits in?

Tourism Destinations including countries, regions and cities had reached out to the CNN Task Group for guidance and expertise for more than five years. The CNN Task Group helped both emerging and established travel and tourism destinations to become a choice for visitors from around the world.

Partners in the CNN Task Group are:

The CNN Task Group introduced five years ago and spearheaded by Anita Mendaratta , Founder and Managing Director of CACHET CONSULTING in Capetown, South Africa invited  Juergen Steinmetz,  publisher of eTurboNews eTN and Chairman of the.International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP)  in Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA, to be part of this initiative.

Some of the core solutions this partnership provides are:

  • Tourism sector intelligence
  • Bespoke solutions to media and creative briefs
  • Marketing expertise
  • Audience insight
  • Stakeholder Alignment

The global Travel & Tourism industry has emerged as one of the 21st Century’s most powerful segments of economic and social growth and development. Importantly the Travel and Tourism sector has made it possible for nations entering into and emerging within the global economy to proudly and confidently play a part as a tourism destination. In addition to the sector’s ability to generate significant sustainable revenues, employment and investment for nations across the globe, Travel & Tourism has provided a framework for aligning and inspiring national purpose, pride, and profile.

The approach taken towards building destination awareness and image is critical to the destination’s ultimate appeal and competitiveness. Destination Branding – a clear, compelling and competitive proposition combined with a unique, creative identity and a strong communications strategy – acts as a fuel for establishing and embedding a destination as a serious offering for travelers.

And when married to the right media partners the advertising messages of the destination are able to be carried through messengers skilled with reaching the right audiences in the right environments at the right time. The role of advertising is critical to destination success at many levels. Media has a powerful influence on the destination’s Brand and greater industry building efforts. Support of the media as an advertising partner is not, however, simply for when the destination is managing the business of Tourism

An added value service to CNN and eTurboNews clients, the CNN INTERNATIONAL TASK Group works directly with its clients, both new and established, to create impactful, strategic solutions beyond advertising. TASK provides excellence in strategy and media solutions for nations and businesses across the globe seeking to unlock tourism and economic development opportunity.

CNN and eTN are proud to continue setting the standards for excellence with this new turn-key solution, building long-term strategic partnerships in the world of tourism and economic development.

For more information on how eTN can assist destinations contact eTurboNews