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Tourism destroys famous movie location: The Beach

Tourism destroys famous movie location: The Beach

We all remember the final shot of the group in the movie The Beach, when they all jump just as the camera shutter captures them all in mid-air. This jump shot has been recreated all over the world, but especially at Maya Bay in Thailand where the movie was shot with leading star Leonardo DiCaprio.

For the next 4 months, this will no longer be a place that tourists can visit, because the country is closing down beach access to the public. Why? Too many tourists and speed boats have destroyed the coral reefs and overall health of the famous beach bay. Thailand’s government is hoping that during the closure, the bay will be able to heal itself.

Maya Bay is located in the Andaman Sea and is part of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. It will be closed from June 1 to September 30, 2018 on the orders of Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) as part of a four-month rejuvenation program.

According to a statement issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), boats will not be allowed to enter the bay in front of the beach or drop anchor at Loh Samah Bay, both part of the tiny Ko Phi Phi Leh island.

Travelers can instead see the bay between the two cliffs that form a natural entrance to the lagoon, under the strict supervision of the DNP.

Environmentalists have been striving to get Maya Bay closed for several years. Data released by the DNP indicates that the National Park saw as many as 2.5 million visitors in 2018, a year-on-year rise of a half million.

Leo DiCaprio, a committed and dedicated environmentalist himself, surely must be singing songs of praise over the action taken to restore and rejuvenate the famous “The Beach” bay in Thailand.


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