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Tourism in Africa – Everyone’s Business

Tourism in Africa – Everyone’s Business

Tourism in Africa is everyone’s business said Dr. Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano of the Congo at a dinner in Kinshasa hosted on the occasion of the launch by Congo’s former Tourism Minister Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara of his Tourism Book on investment opportunities in the Congo (DRC) and in so doing in Africa.

Dr. Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano is a medical practitioner who believes in tourism in its entirety and wishes to see the Congo (DRC) develop its key unique selling points, but also medical tourism.

She has been behind the mapping Project Round 10 Malaria Global Fund for the implementation of community care sites in health zones of Kabare and Bagira / South Kivu and also to train health care providers and supervise their activities in health zones. Dr. Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano has also been behind the training and the supervision of users of Hagenia surveillance software (reporting of adverse effects of antimalarials) via new technologies in health zones of Karisimbi and Masisi in North Kivu. In 2002 / 03 she was also the consultant for a Non Government Organisation in the fight against HIV Aids. A healthier situation for the Congo (DRC) for a brighter future is set vision of Dr. Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano.

A lady of many talents having been a Vice Minister in 2007 in the Congo (DRC) Ministry of Defence.

Dr. Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano’s interest in the development of tourism for the Congo (DRC) and the showcasing of all its natural assets with the hope of seeing more direct involvement of women in tourism in Congo (DRC).


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