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Tourisme Montréal launches ambitious tourist welcome project

Tourisme Montréal launches ambitious tourist welcome project

Tourisme Montréal has just launched Montréal vous accueille as part of Je fais MTL, a community movement that aims to make Montréal a more inspiring city.

Montréal vous accueille is a far-reaching initiative designed to standardize tourist welcome strategies across Montréal’s nine main gateways: Montréal-Trudeau International Airport, the Gare d’autocars de Montréal, the Gare centrale de Montréal (Via Rail), the Cruise Terminal (Port de Montréal), the Palais des congrès de Montréal, a few metro stations operated by the Société de transports de Montréal, the Bureau du taxi de Montréal, the Centre Infotouriste Montréal (Tourisme Québec) and the Tourism Bureau (Tourisme Montréal). The Société du 375e anniversaire de Montréal is also a partner in the project.

Between now and May 2017, Tourisme Montréal will introduce various visual tools designed to create a warm welcome at the various partner locations. The signature for this powerful brand image is Bonjour, a word that conveys the city’s French roots and vibrant personality. The new welcome strategy developed by Tourisme Montréal, in close collaboration with its partners, will include more tourist information agents, new interactive terminals, interior displays and improved signage.

A positive tourist welcome is essential to a good overall travel experience. Montréal vous accueille will roll out a standardized approach at all points of entry, leading to improved consistency and fluidity in tourist welcomes. Quality information services have a beneficial impact on tourism and the local economy. When a tourist asks for information, it results, on average, in an additional $204 of spending. Information provided at tourist centres motivated 36.1% of visitors to extend their stay in the region beyond their original plans1.

“As part of Tourisme Montréal’s strategic plan, we set an ambitious goal of equipping Montréal with the best tourist welcome in North America and the most innovative at-destination interactive strategies for assisting tourists throughout their stay,” said Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “By offering a top-quality welcome, we hope to encourage tourists to keep coming back to Montréal. I would like to congratulate the project partners for their commitment to this issue.”

Tourisme Montréal announced the details of Montréal vous accueille at the second anniversary event for Je fais Montréal. The partners took the opportunity to sign a charter of commitment to the project. The idea behind Je fais Montréal is to support Montréal leaders from all business sectors and help them fulfill their commitments to this initiative. The movement promotes powerful citizen participation and aims to increase prosperity in the city through creative action.

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