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Tourist arrest scheme in the UK includes a night with ghosts of executed prisoners

Tourist arrest scheme in the UK includes a night with ghosts of executed prisoners

Travel and Tourism in the United Kingdom now may include a night in prison with all the icing, including meeting the spirits of dead prisoners. Bland porridge for dinner and again for breakfast is the only item on the menu for tourists locked up at Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison in the United Kingdom.

The former prison is hunting to arrest tourists and lock them up. If this wasn’t all, prison official wants visitors to meet and experience the ghosts that call the prison their home. Participating tourists will spend the night in jail to enjoy prison activities that include the complete ghost hunting tour. On this tour visitors will try to connect with the spirits of executed criminals that were once locked up on the site.

Formerly the oldest operating prison in the country, Shepton Mallet closed its doors to inmates in 2013, but is now giving the general public the opportunity to see what prison life is like on Friday, October 13. The prison became a unique travel and tourism attraction in Britain. Visitors interested can purchase a sleepover where they will be locked up in their very own cell.

The warrant issued says: This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people who want to spend a night in prison which has remained pretty much unchanged since prisoners moved out in 2013 and have the fright of their lives.

“From my experiences, I’m fully confident that there are spirits of former prisoners who were executed here, so this overnight tourist stay is definitely not one for the faint-hearted,” the warden explains.

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