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Tourists better treat Thai Girls in Pattaya’s red light district with respect

Visitors traveling to Pattaya often don’t just have sand, sea, and culture in mind. Tourists looking for fun with a Thai Girl in Pattaya should treat the lady with respect. Don’t mess with a lady of the night in Pattaya, Thailand. This Thai lady will punch back.

Footage resurfaced when a tourist was repeatedly kicked and beat up by a group of women in Thailand’s red-light district in the popular resort town of Pattaya.

The man is seen in the footage with his hands around one woman before a flurry of flying kicks from her knocks him to the ground. He then tries to fight back by smacking her in the face.

This Thai woman (pictured) decides to give a tourist a lesson he’ll never forget

The tourist is outnumbered as several of the woman’s friends join the fracas (pictured)

But then several of the woman’s friends rushed to her aid and join the fracas, as the man becomes outnumbered and is repeatedly kicked as he lies on the ground.

Several men intervene and he eventually managed to get up, screaming in pain and walks off.

‘A few of those kicks that barely missed would have been life-altering,’ one man recently commented on the video.  Another added: ‘Remember your manners or get beat!’

The footage was filmed in 2016 on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street, a bustling nightlife strip.

Home to thousands of bars, strip clubs and massage parlours, the tourist mecca is also arguably the sex capital of the world, known for its seedy reputation and local sex industry.

Several onlookers struggle to hold the feisty woman back from another crack at the tourist

But things are slowly changing since Thailand’s first female tourism minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul vowed to shut down Pattaya’s sex industry when she announced a crackdown in 2016.

‘They come here for our beautiful culture. We want Thailand to be about quality tourism. We want the sex industry gone.’

Pattaya’s bustling night strip (pictured) is known for its seedy reputation and local sex industry

Months of late-night police raids and mass arrests in brothels and clubs across Pattaya followed, with tourists among those caught up in the raids.

Australian men were among 11 foreign tourists arrested along with 14 sex workers during a police raid at a Pattaya hotel in April.


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