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Tourists in Bali and Lombok: Powerless and scared after 7.1 earthquake

Tourists in Bali and Lombok: Powerless and scared after 7.1 earthquake

Ali from Italy is tweeting: “My sister called me from Lombok and she was absolutely terrified, she said she was up a tree after the earthquake and a tsunami is coming. And now I can’t contact her. Who do I contact for help? I’m worried sick.”

In Bali on Sunday night, the streets were packed with tourists from all over the world. Visitors on Lombok were enjoying a quiet warm evening when a 7.1 earthquake hit.  Visitors and locals in Bali and Lombok are in a state of panic after a 7.1 earthquake and following strong aftershocks hit the resort islands Sunday night. On top of it, this earthquake triggered a tsunami warning.

Everyone on the Island of God and Lombok is scared. After a 6.1 earthquake on July 28 that killed many on the Indonesian Tourist Island of Lombok a 7.1-magnitude earthquake on Sunday night made this situation so much worse.

“Tourists report terrifying tremors.” These are tweets from Bali and Lombok, both major tourist destinations in Indonesia are coming from visitors in panic.

Tweets report about the major 7.1 earthquakes in Lombok that triggered widespread panic and a tsunami warning. The major 7.0 earthquake last night on the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok killed at least 37 people and injured dozens, officials said on Sunday (Aug 5), damaging homes and triggering panic among tourists and locals. eTN reported about it earlier.

Another tourist tweets: “I’m alone in Bali, there was just an earthquake, a tsunami warning has been issued & I’m right next to the ocean. Not gonna lie I’m scared”

“Earthquake from Lombok has also been felt in Bali. It is impacted the building of the mall was falling apart. I’m still shaking this is so scary”

An American visitor in Bali said: I’m truly humbled with this Lombok earthquake. Here I am on vacation, enjoying life in Bali and suddenly this thing happened. it’s SO close I’m genuinely terrified. it just went through my head how lucky and powerless I am. My thoughts and prayers for everyone in Lombok and Bali.

The powerful 7.0-magnitude quake was also felt strongly on the neighboring island of Bali, one of Indonesia’s most popular attractions, where people ran onto the streets in terror.

The shallow seven-magnitude tremor struck just 10 kilometers underground, according to the US Geological Survey, followed by further secondary quakes and nearly two dozen aftershocks.