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Tourists Renting Bicycles in Seychelles Island La Digue : Is it dangerous?

Tourists Renting Bicycles in Seychelles Island La Digue : Is it dangerous?

For many years, the traditional Seychelles Island La Digue oxcart was the picture that dominated postcards and magazines when one wrote about the beautiful island of La Digue.

Bicycles soon became the transportation of choice for the locals as they were convenient, affordable, and quicker than the humble ox cart. Eager tourists have embraced the pleasures of riding a bicycle along the cobbled pathways crisscrossing the island, listening to the singing of the native birds and enjoying the sight of the waves lapping the sandy shores.

Hundreds and hundreds of bicycles are today available for hire on La Digue. Many enjoy this experience without any incident. However, we need to be reminded of those whose holidays have been cut short by tragic bicycle accidents, whose injuries may have been mitigated by the use of basic safety equipment, such as a helmet.

The island of La Digue has recorded several deaths by bicycle accidents, and also accidents causing serious injury, but have we learned our lessons from these incidents of the past?

On 14th February 2018, a well-reputed surgeon by profession, visitor to the island, fell from his bicycle after pedaling down a steep incline. He was not wearing a helmet. The injuries he sustained were life-threatening and he had to be airlifted out of the country with spine and neck injuries.

The cyclist was a guest at Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie of La Digue and the family of the injured are so thankful to Anny Esparon, the Front Office Manager of the Resort, who went above and beyond for the visitors to the Island.