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Tourists Urged to Leave New South Wales

Tourists Urged to Leave New South Wales

More than 100 fires are burning across the Australian state.

Authorities in New South Wales, Australia issued an urgent warning for tourists in the popular holiday region are to leave. Severe and extreme fire danger is on the forecast for Saturday.

Visiting Australia and New South Wales during Bushfires?

“Where roads can be accessed, we will be encouraging tourists, especially, to move out of those areas whilst it’s safe to do so,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said yesterday.

But she asked for patience as not all roads would be opened until trees and debris were cleared.

“Just because you can’t see flames doesn’t mean the road is safe to use.”

An enormity of damage, destruction, and devastation unfolded Tuesday

Extreme fire danger was likely over more regions in southern NSW, which “unfortunately correlates with where they  have some of the worst, most damaging and destructive bushfires.

The RFS warned holidaymakers on the south coast to leave before Saturday and warned those planning to travel there on the weekend to cancel their trip.

Yesterday, police found three bodies in the fire-gutted communities of Sussex Inlet and Yatte Yattah.

Seven people have died since Monday, including a person found outside a home in Coolagolite, near Cobargo.

A Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating has been issued for Western Australia’s Goldfields region.