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Travel deal closed today between Americans and Italo

Travel deal closed today between Americans and Italo

The closing of the sale of shares between Italo rail and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), a fund with stars and stripes of 40 billion dollars of assets, including the ownership of the London Gatwick airport, was signed today.

The guide of the railways transport company, however, will remain Italian with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo as president and Flavio Cattaneo as managing director.

The companies Mdp Holding Uno, Mdp Holding Tre, Partind Tre, Mais, PII1, and Nuova Fourb have reinvested in the acquiring Italo railways company of Gip Neptune spa, underwriting a capital increase for a total of 150 million euro equal to 7.74 % of the share capital.

Nominated in the meantime is the new board of directors that in addition to the tandem Montezemolo-Cattaneo at the top, sees the names of Gianbattista La Rocca, Michael John McGhee, Philip Marc Iley, Andrew Harvey Gillespie-Smith, and Mark Lawrence Levitt.