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Travel inspired by Black Panther movie

Travel inspired by Black Panther movie

Since its debut in February 2018, Black Panther has captivated audiences all over the world. Its combination of real-life African cultural elements and fictional futuristic technology creates the remarkable world of Wakanda.

The film is set in a fictional location located in East Africa. It is given an authentic feel with the use of Xhosa, a Bantu language with click consonants that is one of the official languages of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A portion of the movie was filmed at breathtaking locations in Africa, such as Cape Town, Zambia, and Uganda, and is made to depict an African colony, but a lot of the movie was actually filmed in other locations around the world as well–including Busan, South Korea, Atlanta, Georgia and Iguazau Falls, Argentina.

If you want to see the beautiful destinations that inspired Wakanda, here is where to go and what to do to get see the world of Black Panther:

Cape Town, South Africa
Travel to South Africa and see some of the sights that inspired Wakanda. You can hit the beaches or relax in one of the natural rock pools that are scattered around Cape Town. Make time for some hiking at Table Mountain National Park, and a stroll through the award-winning Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. If you are looking for a deeper experience, stay at Shamwari Game Reserve and see the beautiful endangered rhinos that the reserve works so hard to protect.

Those stunning aerial views in Black Panther had to come from somewhere, and fortunately you can visit the beautiful mountain regions used in the film in person. Take a safari or go gorilla seeing through the Rwenzori Mountains, or go bird watching in Africa’s oldest rainforest, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Before you leave, be sure to see the forest waterfalls and the “islands of the sky” Virunga Volcanoes.

Another perfect example of an underrated destination where tourist companies are hoping Black Panther sparks travel is Zambia. The awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, known as the world’s largest waterfall, is complete with a swimming hole where visitors can take dip and enjoy the views you cannot find anywhere else. If you like to fish, spend a day at Lake Tanganyika and you can even hang out and do some chimpanzee watching. There are many state parks and reserves you can visit to connect with wildlife, like Nyika National Park.

Atlanta, GA
This destination is very different from the other Black Panther-inspired locations on this list, but offers amazing experiences nonetheless. Pinewood Studios was where a lot of the magic of Black Panther was created and filmed. You can take a tour of the studios before visiting The High Museum of Art that doubled as the Museum of Great Britain in the film. So if Great Britain is a little too far away, just visit Atlanta! Down the street from the museum, you can stop by Rose + Rye for signature cocktails on one of their multiple elegant patio spaces.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Don’t you wish you could visit the beautiful Warrior Falls that flow in Black Panther? You can, because the scenes of the falls were filmed at Iguazu Falls in Argentina. You can book unique Airbnbs in the Iguazu area with hammocks and open porches for less than $70 a night, making it affordable to visit this lush location. When you get there, you can take a buggy ride through the jungle, a quick hike through the rainforest, then hop on a jet boat that will take you straight to “Devil’s Throat,” the tallest of the Iguazu waterfalls.

Busan, South Korea
Surprisingly, some of the scenes from the movie were shot in Busan, South Korea which has become a travel hotspot since the Winter Olympics were held there earlier this year. Jagalchi Fish Market, Gwangalli Beach, Yeongdo Island, and Sajik Baseball Stadium are some of the locations used in the film. Gwangalli Beach is drawing tourists in because of its pristine waters and fine sand. If you visit Yeongdo Island, you can go up to the observation deck in Busan Tower and take in the stunning night views loved by tourists and locals alike.