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Travel insurance fraud exposed

Travel insurance fraud exposed

Insurance claims validation company, CEGA Special Investigations, a Charles Taylor company, is to film next week for a new series of BBC1’s Claimed and Shamed – a popular TV documentary that casts a covert eye over insurance fraud.

Travel insurance fraud is the illegal act of making false claims to a travel insurance provider. If someone seeks to obtain money from an insurance provider for losses that did not occur or for losses that should not be covered, they can be charged with travel insurance fraud.

The TV program will share stories of real-life travel insurance fraudsters with over a million expected BBC viewers, reinforcing the message that fraudulent claims large and small will be found out all over the world, thanks to investigators on the ground overseas, interviews, and state-of-the-art detection techniques.

Filming for Claimed and Shamed will start on Wednesday, August 14, with the series expected to be broadcast later in the year.

The company consistently detects a significant proportion of the UK’s annual travel insurance fraud savings. It also provides insurers with multi-sector claims validation solutions that incorporate loss adjusting and fraud investigation, protecting them from every size and type of global insurance fraud.

Simon Cook, CEGA’s Head of Technical Claims, who has been contributing to Claimed & Shamed since its inception, said, “Our participation in Claimed & Shamed is just part of our proactive commitment to add value for insurers; ensuring that genuine customers have their claims paid quickly and that potential fraudsters are educated about the severity of insurance fraud and deterred from dishonest activity.”