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Travel Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

Travel Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

It is important, for both businesses in the travel industry and those looking to travel to another country in the new year, to be aware of the latest changes and trends in the travel industry that could affect their travel in 2020. Here is a compilation of some of the biggest trends that have affected 2019 and that are going to change the way that you choose to travel in 2020.

Packages and Organised Tours Remain Successful

Since the 1960s, package vacations and organized tours have always been popular, both for their cheaper cost and their stress-free booking experience. Although package vacations have modernized since the 60s, they remain popular going into 2020, with time-stretched millennials and families looking for an easier way to travel and book vacations. However, organized tours may even have surpassed package vacations due to their ability to provide safe and yet unique experiences to exotic destinations. For instance, organized tour companies such as can provide you with a relaxing experience, a pre-planned itinerary that allows you to see the best of a country within one trip and exciting locations across the world.

Eco Travel Becoming More Sought After

2019 was the year when the world finally became proactive about climate change, and this has led to families reconsidering their travel experiences in order to make them as gentle on the environment as possible. Families are now choosing eco-tourism and alternative choices to traditional forms of travel, such as airplanes, and instead use public transport or eco-friendly transport, such as trains, to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only this, but many choose to stay in more eco-friendly accommodation, such as camping, glamping or wood cabins.

Increase in Super Long-Haul Flights

Families and solo travellers have got tired of opting for indirect flights, and this has led many to seek super long-haul flights that allow them to cross the world in one trip, especially since there have been new advances in flying technology and with the latest New York-Sydney flight. Although this causes issues, such as the demands of staffing these flights, now that the tech is there to support it, more people will be looking for ways to avoid the inconvenience of taking more than one flight to a destination.

Demand for Unique Experiences

Every industry is currently undergoing the need to provide travellers with unique experiences for their customers, and this is no less important for the airline industry. Travellers want experiences that have been specially designed for them and their preferences, from self-guided tours and unique itineraries to visiting different locations that have been previously undiscovered by your Instagram friends.

Higher Numbers for Shorter Vacations

Now that most of the population are hard-pressed to find a spare week to take off, especially since the rise of self-employment and longer working hours, people have started to opt to take shorter breaks with their families. These breaks help you to escape your daily routine while also allowing you to prevent falling behind on work and enable you to fit your break between other commitments.