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Trump travel ban: ITF comment

Trump travel ban: ITF comment

Commenting on President Trump’s travel ban ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) president Paddy Crumlin stated: “The 2016 national election in the US featured a heavy focus on immigration. President Donald Trump’s post-election actions have signaled that this will continue. The latest attack on immigrants has targeted the nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries.”

“Airlines have been forced to turn away passengers although the scope of the ban is still not clear. The uncertainty over the rules and the chaos in some airports is not helping.

“According to IATA (the International Air Transport Association), the ban applies to pilots and cabin crew from the seven countries, even though all flight crew who are not US citizens already need a special visa to enter the country.”

Mr. Crumlin concluded: “The ITF condemns the escalation of the US government against immigrants, the effect that the uncertainty is imposing on the aviation industry and the attack on civil aviation crews from the seven countries who will see their jobs in danger due to the effect on their rosters.”

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